We, at Optimum Beach, pride ourselves on the technical foundation we emphasize at each and every practice. Modeled by Brazilian national standards, brought to us by Founder and Director Priscilla Lima, our coaches learn Pri’s advanced training system and share in her love of the sport. This unique and proven training methodology is passionately poured into each junior. It is our intention to have every Optimum Beach junior compete in local and national tournaments so they may apply the skills gained. Ultimately, our goal is to have all juniors progress onto the college recruiting training program (CRTP). We are proud of all our players and boast a success rate of over 90% with CRTP players being recruited to D1 programs.

While our Junior program is open to all players from 6th grade through 12th grade, we enjoy training players as young as 9 years of age. That is why, when required, groups are arranged based on the athlete’s ability and not their age

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We are invested in all our players and are proud of our  college commitment success rate of 100%.

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Juniors Open Play is offered 1x per month. 

This is a fun yet competitive way to join other players at the same age and or level for game-like sessions. Optimum Beach Coach is on-site to ensure fairness of all games and to offer tips and assistance to all participants.

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Floating Tournament Coaching $10 Discount   Free for 2 Local Tournaments Free for 4 Local Tournaments Free for 8 Local Tournaments
Installment Plan ✔ ✔ ✔
Costs $300 $860 $1865 $3000
Annual Savings $0 $160 $400 $600
Payment Schedule Commitment Discount Paid Monthly None None 2 Payments 3 Month  Yes 7 Payments 7 Month  Yes 12 Payments 12 Month  Yes
Payments $300 due 1st of each month $430 due 1st of Month 1  $430 due 1st of Month 2 $365 due 1st of Month 1 $250 due 1st of Month for Remaining 6 months $300 due 1st of Month 1 $225 due 1st of Month for Remaining 11 months

Free Monthly Open Play will be held 1x per month on scheduled days. Schedule available at tregistration.

  • We will have approximately 10-12 clinics and 2-3 camps per year. Seasonal Schedules to follow.
  • Optimum Beach will select 8 tournaments throughout the year where coaching will be available. These dates will be provided once tournament schedules are released.