July 29, 2020

Erin Murphy FSU ’24

by Upper Hand in

“Of all the volleyball coaches I’ve worked with, Pri’s volleyball-skills guidance is second to none, but even her physical training pales in comparison to the mental and life coaching she provides. In her own career, Pri has worked her way from the bottom to the top and she has the mental toughness to prove it! She shares this knowledge with all who crosses her path and has refined her methods to help develop the skills, game awareness, courage and mental strength of players at all levels.I’ve worked with Pri for the past five years and still continuously receive new mental feedback and advise, since Pri continues to grow her own cognitive skill set and learn new ways to gain a mental edge over her competition.

Every season we re-evaluate our individual strengths and weaknesses and create a plan to improve our mental game. Not a practice goes by where we don’t receive mental coaching and advise. Pri also provides a wealth of related outside resources on topics we discuss including positivity, drive, a winning-mindset, taking risks and learning from failure, staying focused and re-focusing during games, and more.

This advise is essential for any athlete hoping to take his or her game to the next level, but I’ve found its value extends into all aspects of my life – I’ve found courage in uncomfortable situations, am more aware of my shortcomings (as a daughter, student, and friend) and work to better myself, I’ve realized my academic goals, and i share gratitude¬†for life’s many blessings.

In short, I wouldn’t be the player, partner, and individual I am today without the mental skills I’ve developed under Pri’s mentorship.”