August 13, 2020

Ivey Andrews

by Upper Hand in

Ivey has coached a variety of ages through her volleyball career. She Typically runs groups of younger children between 8-14 oe our Adult beginner groups. Ivey is currently a student and Division 2 athlete at Eckerd College in St.Petersburg Florida. She was born in Los Angeles, California and moved to Atlanta, Georgia when she was young. That’s where she discovered her love for Beach volleyball and how she ended up coaching and playing with Optimum Beach. Last year as a sophomore she was named one of Eckerd‘s captains and going into her junior year will continue to lead her teammates on and off the court.

Ivey has been coaching under Optimum Beach for two years now. She chose Optimum Beach because of the club’s director Pri and the culture the club has. 

“ I believe Pri, Jules and the other coaches on the Optimum Beach staff focus on the importance of the physical and mental game, but they also prepare both children and adults for real life situations. When I started with Optimum this caught my eye. It was something I had never seen from a program – the drive to advance not only the athletes skill but their personhood as well. And that is why I wanted to become part of this program”.